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Chronic Absenteeism Information

Chronic Absenteeism - Attendance is still very critical as we end the school year.  Calls will be going out to families that are in danger of missing 10% of the school year.  That constitutes chronic absenteeism and will trigger a letter from the state, and we are required to report chronic absenteeism.  On a positive note, we have seen such improvement with many students and their absences.  Everything that we are doing between now and the end of the school year, fun activities and academics, counts.  All days are critical for attendance.  If you have a question, please call and talk with Mrs. Eland, Mr. Yoe, or Mrs. Dzurnak.  We can manage some student issues at school.  If a child has a temperature or has vomited, yes, they need to stay home.  If they complain of a headache or stomach ache, please send them to school.  Those symptoms can be signs of anxiety, avoiding work, or friendship issues.  We have people in place that can talk with students to help calm their nerves, offer food, etc. Let's finish strong and attend school every day.  Thank you for your teamwork on this issue.