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Dentzler Mrs. Dzurnak's Distance Learning Update 3-31-20

Dear Dentzler Families,

I hope you are having a good week.  I know this email is lengthy.  Please read it carefully. This email will outline some guidelines as we move forward with distance learning for the month of April.  I am so impressed by your positive comments and compliments of the teachers thus far.  Thank you for being a true partner in the education of your child.  Your efforts are not going unnoticed.  I am also very impressed with the Dentzler staff and how they have taken on their new role as educational consultants and online professionals.

Dentzler Guidelines - April Distance Learning

On these Mondays (April 6, 20, 27) in April, the teachers will update the online learning links with directions/lessons/activities and/or whatever they need to explain about the week's lessons.  I will send the updated link out to you between 10:00-10:30 each Monday.
On these Fridays (April 3, 17, 24) between 10:00-2:00, the building will be open for you to come in and get materials the teachers have left for your child and/or drop off completed work to be graded.  We are operating on a pass/fail for the 4th quarter.  Therefore, teachers will either need to grade hard copies of what they have assigned or will grade on-line assignments.  Each teacher may be handling grading a little differently.  It is imperative that you make arrangements for someone to come to the school on Friday (starting this Fri. April 3) to drop off completed assignments.  The school is organized with tables labeled by teacher's name, so it will be easy to run in and run out with minimal contact.  The teachers will give specific directions about turn in assignments.  We know you are teaching multiple children and many of you are still working, so please don't think that everything needs to be completed every Friday.  Just keep turning assignments in as we go, so your child can be assessed properly.  Having said that though, All assignments that were sent home on March 12 should be completed by this Friday because there has been ample time available to complete them. The teachers are monitoring and students should be on xtramath daily or every other day to practice. No Friday pick up and/or drop off on April 10(Good Friday)
Please return all library books this Friday.  There will be a cart in the front hallway for you to return books.  I will have free books available on the front tables for you to take and keep.  Each week you can take 1-2 new books to keep and build you home library.  Students will improve their reading abilities by re-reading the same book/passage.  Have them read to a sibling. And, I would love to hear student readers.  Please email me with a good day, time and phone number to call and I will call to hear a story.
You will receive information from the school district about checking out chrome books for those who may need them to complete work.  I do not have any additional information about this, so please stay tuned and check all emails, etc. to see when and how this may happen.
Please be a good neighbor/classmate and share this information.  There are still some parents that are not getting these robo emails.  I think we have everyone, but I do get calls about not knowing what is going on.  If one of your child's classmate's parents mention that they are not getting info. from Dentzler, please tell them to call the school or email me.  I want everyone tuned into what is going on.  Even though, these are very unusual circumstances, they can still be positive and fun.  I know teachers have some fun exciting things planned and some outdoor learning as the weather improves.  
Demand that your children give it their all, they can do it, they can and should work independently each day for a period of time. 
Continue to follow our website and the PCSD website for any changes as we move along with all these new processes.
**Please follow the directions and requirements from your child's teacher, if they are completing everything on-line, then you may not need to come in on Fridays, but this Friday is important because we have work prepared for pick up. Also, some teachers are putting together work for multiple weeks, so on Fridays, you may just be dropping work off.  There is going to be a variety of scenarios.  Every grade level and teacher is not doing this the same way, like every teacher does not teach exactly the same way.  Please be patient with us as we work through this.

In Summary, complete all the work previously sent home and that includes time on xtramath, turn it in this Friday at Dentzler, pick up the new work for April 6 an beyond.  Look for my email on April 6 with the distance learning link, and continue with assignments.

We are here to support you in whatever you need.  We are only one email, phone call, dojo, Bloomz, Remind, goggle classroom away.  Please reach out and ask.We're all in this together.  Don't struggle alone, we will help. 

Thank you and Take Care,