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PEA & PTA Food Drive Helps Local Families In Need

December 2, 2022

Food Drive

The PEA & PTA Annual Food Drive is a long-standing tradition in each of our schools that brings our staff and students together to give back and help families in need during the holiday season.

This year, with everyone’s generous donations of nonperishables, we helped around 70 families directly and countless others who utilize the Parma Hunger Center this November.

Will Olexa, PEA Community Relations Chair and Green Valley Elementary Teacher, shared that each family who benefitted from the district-wide food collection received a box of each of the following: soups, starches, meat/seafood products, fruit/baking, vegetables, plus a bag of miscellaneous items such as paper goods and cereal and a $20 gift card to Giant Eagle.

“Seeing the outpouring of kindness through the donations and efforts reminds me that there are a lot of kind and thoughtful people in the community and world around us that want to be there for others when times are tough,” he expressed. “Our food drive is a very important tradition because it gets staff and students to come together to give back to the community we work and live in.”

 “A heartfelt thank you to all who helped make this year’s event a success,” he added. “I look forward to a great year ahead and another amazing food drive next year. Happy holidays to all!”