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Support student scholarships during the closure with the 68th annual PTA Geranium Sale

Various flowers in pots April 6, 2020


It’s time to think spring‭!‬

The Parma Council of PTA’s Geranium Sale is happening now through April 16‭, ‬2020‭.‬

This is the 68th year for the long-standing tradition that supports graduating seniors across the Parma City School District‭.‬

Proceeds from this sale will be used to award high school seniors in the PCSD with scholarships to continue their education‭!  ‬

There have been some changes to the sale this year with the closure of schools and the stay at home order in place‭. ‬

There will be no order drop offs at the buildings‭. ‬Those who would like to purchase flowers are asked to either mail their order‭ ‬or order online‭. ‬

To order by mail‭, ‬please visit‭ ‬and‭ ‬print off an order form‭. ‬Please send that order form as well as cash or a check made payable to Parma Council Scholarship Fund to one of the following addresses‭: ‬


PCPTA Geraniums c/o Heather Ekechi

2716‭ ‬Ingleside Dr‭. ‬Parma 44134


PCPTA Geraniums c/o Annette Spetrino

5935‭ ‬Mural Dr‭. ‬Seven Hills 44131


PCPTA Geraniums c/o Melissa Wolfe

8502‭ ‬Fenway Dr‭. ‬Parma Heights 44129


To order online‭, ‬please visit‭:‬



Please note‭, ‬if ordering online‭, ‬there will be a processing fee added to the order‭. ‬

The full Dean’s Greenhouse is available again this year for purchase‭. ‬This includes a variety of flowers‭, ‬plants‭, ‬hanging plants‭, ‬potted plants and vegetables for your garden and home‭! ‬

Gift Cards are also available for purchase and a percentage of the sale of gift cards will go back to the PCPTA Scholarship Fund‭. ‬Donations are welcome as well‭. ‬

Orders will be delivered either May 4‭ ‬or 5‭, ‬2020‭. ‬A confirmation of pick up date and times will be available closer to pick up date‭. ‬

In the event your selected pick up school is not available due to building closure‭, ‬the alternate location will be Parma Senior‭ ‬High back lot on May 5‭, ‬2020‭. ‬Further information will be communicated closer to pick up date‭.‬

For more information or any questions‭, ‬please email‭‭.‬