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Ridge-Brook Celebrates Positive Behavior at PBIS Kick Off!

October 7, 2021


Ridge-Brook Elementary School hosted a PBIS, or Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, Kick-Off!

"As we've continued with incorporating our PBIS initiatives, we were looking for a way to have students see the value in our school-wide dolphin dollars," Principal Steve Perry shared. "Dolphin dollars are used each day to reward kids based on our 3 R's: Respectful, Responsible, and Ready. As students are caught using the 3 R's, they earn dolphin dollars from any staff member, including bus drivers. As we want to see kids understand the value of the dolphin dollars and be rewarded for good behavior, we decided to have a PBIS kick-off event. Students had to use their already earned dolphin dollars to attend the event. Students absolutely loved it!"

Students were rewarded for their positive behavior with a fun day of outside games, activities, music, dancing, and sports.

Along with the Three Rs, staff and administration at the building hoped students gained important social skills.

"We hoped that students would learn the importance of taking turns and helping others," Perry said. "Not every student could play every game at once and students had to take turns. They did a great job with this and we had no problems with students being polite and supportive of each other."

Perry further expressed the importance of having PBIS in the building. 

"Especially after the year and a half we've all been through, having events in which kids can have fun and participate is important," he added. "It's important for kids to see other kids in different homerooms and how to interact with each other. We hope to continue with other assemblies this year as we teach our behavior matrix at school, which shows how students should demonstrate the 3 R's in all areas of the building."

Keep up the great behavior Dolphins!