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Thank You from Culinary Arts Career and Technical Education Program

April 26, 2021


The Culinary Arts Career and Technical Education program shares their sincere appreciation for the support of their monthly culinary sales! Please read the message below from the program's instructor Chef Iann Johnson:
Hello Everyone! I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank everyone that supported our sales this year. When COVID-19 hit, there was so much uncertainty on how our program would look and how we would give our students the valuable experiences and lessons of running our program’s restaurant and taking the first step into the hospitality field. When Chef Gibbons and I came up with the idea of offering take-home meals that could be sent out cold and reheated to the district and community, we really were not sure what kind of response we would receive. To say I have been floored by the response would be a gross understatement. Thanks to district and community support, our program has been able to offer experiences and opportunities to our students that I would have never dreamed were capable at the beginning of the year as we started the first weeks teaching remotely. So a HUGE THANK YOU for the support, patience and passionate feedback and responses we have received over the past few months!
So what does the future hold? Typically our program offers a student-run restaurant, open two to three days a week, that has a dining room, carryout and catering service to the public. We are excited at the premise of reopening these services next year and having everyone experience the great service and meals that the district has come to love over the years. Also, with the mind-blowing response that the take-home meals have received, I have no doubt they will return in some form next year.
Future Evening Sales:
With the evening food sale heading for a return next year, I am asking for some input and feedback from you all. If you could help us by filling out the Google form below, it will allow me and Christie to see what you thought went over well this year and also what you would like to see in future sales. Your input will be invaluable and we thank you in advance!