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VF Eighth Graders Learn about Lewis and Clark in Creative School Expedition

March 24, 2021 

Valley Forge eighth graders went on an expedition throughout the halls of the school to learn about Lewis and Clark. Check out the outline of the project below from teachers Jennifer Jugler, Elizabeth Chilia and Chanene Hawkins with photos! 

The Great Expeditions of Valley Forge High School

Goal: You will travel the halls of Valley Forge on a journey to learn about: Lewis and Clark, the goal of their expedition, the plants and animals they encountered and their relationships with the indigenous populations. 

Expedition Requirements:

  • You will need an expedition pass to safely navigate the halls of Valley Forge.
  • You will need a travel log to help you collect data. Remember data can be collected through written narrative, pictures, and/or drawings.
  • Pay close attention to the details in your surroundings. You will need to include descriptions and explanations of what you have seen and learned about the locality and the indigenous people.
  • Be careful while interacting with the locals. Remember not all indigenous people are friendly or helpful. Be respectful during your travels; remember cultures and expectations differ from group to group.

Your group needs to work together to locate the five QR codes where you will find information about the travels of Lewis and Clark. Use your field guide to take notes when you have reached the designated locations.  Your final project will be a two-page travel guide/flyer informing the public about all of the new, interesting and scary things Lewis and Clark experienced on their journey.  

Project Requirements:

  • Talk to your group about what format you would like to use to display your information.
  • Include complete explanations of the following:
    • William Clark
    • Merriweather Lewis
    • The Goal of the Expedition (what were they trying to find/accomplish)
    • Plants and Animals found along the journey
    • Indigenous People

  • 2-3 Pictures of your group during your journey (selfies, portraits, etc)

  • 2-3 Pictures of things that Lewis and Clark experienced during their expedition

  • A slogan convincing people to take a risk and move out west