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A message from Superintendent Charles Smialek, Ph.D.

April 20, 2020


We anticipate that Governor DeWine will release this week more information about his vision for the remainder of our school year‭. ‬He has been tight-lipped to this point‭, ‬so any projection of what he may say is nothing more than conjecture‭. ‬

Similar to the manner in which we quickly transitioned from traditional to distance learning‭, ‬our school district will work diligently to implement his mandates in as positive and collaborative a manner as possible‭. ‬

Before we learn‭, ‬though‭, ‬more about our short-term futures‭, ‬it is important to thank one segment of our team that has distinguished themselves through their outstanding service to our school community‭. ‬

Our Nutrition Services Department‭, ‬under the leadership of Bob Gorman‭, ‬has been a true asset to our families during our Closure‭.‬‭ ‬Every Wednesday and Friday‭, ‬they work to assemble for distribution over 700‭ ‬packages of multiple meals‭. ‬Coupled with a gallon of milk per child‭, ‬this contribution allows parents to leave our lines with far greater food security than with which they entered our parking lot‭. ‬

Our team has been nothing short of inspirational in their work‭. ‬Beyond simply the provision of food and milk‭, ‬they approach each‭ ‬family with a smile‭, ‬helping them to feel a strong connection to our Parma schools‭. ‬Importantly‭, ‬we understand that this is not‭ ‬the first time period in which these exemplary staff members have provided such high levels of service‭. ‬We know that this is the same positive attitude and work ethic they bring to their daily roles in our school cafeterias‭. ‬

Though others have helped from time to time‭, ‬this is our core team‭, ‬toiling each week to provide such great support to our families‭:‬

Marie Bell‭ (‬Normandy High School‭)‬

Deborah Gerstenberger‭ (‬Greenbriar Middle School‭)‬

Judy Holmes‭ (‬Normandy High School‭)‬

Christine Howell‭ (‬Parma Senior High School‭)‬

Claudia Kay‭ (‬Valley Forge High School‭)‬

Ann Kriefall‭ (‬Shiloh Middle School‭)‬

Cheryl Negrey‭ (‬Normandy High School‭)‬

Donna Reynolds‭ (‬Parma Senior High School‭)‬

Deborah Saylor‭ (‬First Step‭)‬

Michelle Strobl‭ (‬Valley Forge High School‭)‬

Kimberly Von Alt‭ (‬Normandy High School‭)‬


Please join me in thanking these women‭, ‬in any way that you can‭; ‬they are true heroes in this challenging time‭!‬


Charlie‭ ‬