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Normandy sophomore learns lessons in leadership as he earns rank of Eagle Scout

Bishop with Anthony Biasiotta3 April 20, 2020


Normandy High School sophomore Noah Bishop had a lot to celebrate already this school year‭.‬

Bishop‭, ‬a member of the Boy Scouts‭, ‬recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout‭, ‬culminating years of hard work‭, ‬commitment and personal growth‭. ‬A product of John Glenn‭, ‬Green Valley and Hillside Middle School‭, ‬he recently learned of his Eagle Scout status in‭ ‬October‭.‬

According to the Boy Scouts of America and the National Eagle Scout Association‭, ‬there are currently 2.6‭ ‬million Eagle Scout alumni nationwide‭. ‬Only four percent of all Boy Scouts reach the rank of Eagle Scout‭.‬

The journey for Bishop to Eagle Scout started in Kindergarten‭, ‬when his parents enrolled him in Cub Scouts‭. ‬When close friends joined the Boy Scouts and Troop 297‭ ‬from Independence‭, ‬the decision was easy for Bishop to continue‭.‬

To earn the rank of Eagle Scout‭, ‬Bishop had to complete a number of merit badges‭. ‬These badges teach skills and lessons to help‭ ‬young adults get exposure to a variety of subjects and challenges‭. ‬Over 220‭ ‬different merit badges exist‭, ‬and Eagle Scout candidates must complete 21‭ ‬of them to earn the rank‭, ‬with 13‭ ‬required badges‭.‬

Eagle Scout is the seventh and most involved rank that Boy Scouts can achieve‭.‬

“The first five ranks are teaching you skills like basic knot-tying‭, ‬which is the first one‭,‬”‭ ‬Bishop said‭. ‬“It gets more into leadership and teaching you how to plan‭, ‬how to build yourself up mentally to achieve bigger things‭. ‬The last‭ ‬four ranks are geared more towards you‭, ‬your leadership and helping other people advance‭.‬”

Another part of the leadership aspect of Eagle Scout is planning and completing a service project for someone or something in your community‭, ‬also known as the beneficiary‭.‬

“I met with someone from the Parma Animal Shelter‭, ‬because we’ve gotten multiple pets from there‭,‬”‭ ‬Bishop explained‭. ‬“They told me there was some small renovations I could do or help out with‮…‬Some of the things were just not built right‭, ‬like a shed door‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬I fixed that‭. ‬I put a fence post back in that fell out‭, ‬stuff like that‭.‬”

“You have to ask the beneficiary what you can do‭. ‬Then you have to figure out a way to fundraise for all the equipment‭, ‬all the materials‭, ‬everything you need for it‭. ‬Luckily‭, ‬I had Home Depot and Lowe’s donate all the materials I needed‭. ‬So‭, ‬I didn’t have to fundraise‭, ‬money-wise‭, ‬for anything‭.‬”

Bishop admits that the biggest challenge during his service project was not the physical labor‭, ‬but managing other volunteers on‭ ‬the project‭.‬

“I had a lot of younger scouts who were helping out‭,‬”‭ ‬Bishop expressed‭. ‬“I mean‭, ‬when you have a bunch of 11-year olds‭, ‬they don’t want to listen to someone who is 14‭. ‬It was a bit tough to get everyone on-task‭, ‬actually work on it‭, ‬and stay working on it‭. ‬We also had some shortages‭. ‬I didn’t get enough wood‭. ‬I didn’t get enough shingles for the cat shelters I was building‭. ‬That was a little bit of an issue‭, ‬but my Dad could drive‭, ‬so he went‭ ‬and got the materials when we were working‭.‬”

Bishop has been recognized by local civic leaders for earning Eagle Scout‭, ‬including state senator Matt Dolan and former Seven Hills mayor Richard Dell’Aquila‭, ‬along with attending events which recognize this important achievement‭.‬

Earning Eagle Scout isn’t all work and no play‭. ‬Bishop‭, ‬15‭, ‬still thinks the entire experience was not only worth it‭, ‬but fun‭.‬

“Not a lot of people actually earn Eagle Scout‭,‬”‭ ‬Bishop expressed‭. ‬“But there’s a lot of fun in it‮…‬It’s a lot of work too‭. ‬But‭, ‬however many hours you have to work on it‭ (‬Eagle Scout‭), ‬hundreds and maybe thousands of hours‭, ‬it’s just a small percentage of your life‭.‬”

“There is so much you can learn which can help you later in life‭. ‬You might not care about it when you’re younger‭. ‬But‭, ‬when you get older‭, ‬you’ll realize you can manage people‭, ‬manage your finances and do things that most people can’t‭ - ‬because they weren’t in scouting‭. ‬When you’re older‭, ‬it’s going to help‭.‬”


PHOTO CAPTION: ‭ ‬Bishop is recognized at his Eagle Scout ceremony on February 23‭ ‬by Seven Hills mayor Anthony D‭. ‬Biasiotta‭.‬