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Dentzler celebrates PCPTA Special Education Advocate award winner

Erin Mackin and Dentzler Staff celebrating award April 20, 2020


Recently‭, ‬Parma Council of PTAs recognized Erin Mackin‭, ‬who teaches at Dentzler Elementary as the Parma Council of PTAs named her the Special Education Advocate award winner this year‭.‬

“Erin is very humble and always credits her success to the team collaboration that exists within her classroom and team‭,‬”‭ ‬the nomination form read for Mackin‭. ‬“Her caring attitude and strong work ethic shine through to benefit her students‭. ‬We are very fortunate to have her at Dentzler Elementary and in the PCSD‭.‬”

Pictured left to right are Dentzler staff members Laura Smith‭, ‬Leslie McCarthy‭, ‬Alissa Kelly‭, ‬Mackin and Carrie Egan‭. ‬