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Dentzler Elementary celebrates 2019 Momentum Award from Ohio Department of Education

Dentzler fourth grade team receives Momentum Award March 23, 2020


Dentzler Elementary School received the 2019‭ ‬Momentum Award from the Ohio Board of Education this school year‭.‬

The Momentum Award recognizes schools that received‭ ‬‘A’s on value-added measures on the 2019‭ ‬Ohio State Report Card‭.‬

All public districts and schools with at least two of three graded value-added subgroups‭, ‬including gifted students‭, ‬students in‭ ‬the lowest 20%‭ ‬in achievement and students with disabilities‭, ‬were eligible for this recognition‭, ‬according to the Ohio Department of Education‭.‬

Dentzler received‭ ‬‘A’s in Lowest 20%‭ ‬and Students with Disabilities‭, ‬as well as an overall grade of‭ ‬‘A’‭ ‬in the value-added measure‭. ‬Gifted was not measured‭.‬

Earning an‭ ‬‘A’‭ ‬means there was significant evidence that the school’s students made more progress than the growth standard‭.‬

“Our entire staff works very hard and celebrates the hard work and success of our students‭,‬”‭ ‬shared Renee Dzurnak‭, ‬principal at Dentzler Elementary School‭. ‬“Our students are very diligent and work consistently to achieve their goals‭. ‬This recognition allows us to take a moment and realize that hard work pays off‭, ‬that teamwork leads to success and that our efforts do not go unnoticed‭.‬”

Value-added is just one part of several components that make up the state report card but helps to show the progress students are making in a year‭.‬

“Every teacher‭, ‬at every level‭, ‬works with our students to meet and exceed grade-level standards‭,‬”‭ ‬she expressed‭. ‬“The entire staff realizes that we are all in this together and it takes everyone to do their part to achieve success‭.‬”

Dentzler not only credits staff but also parents and students for this recognition because it is truly a team effort‭. ‬The building has several practices in place to continue building on this good‭ ‬‘momentum’‭ ‬for school years to come‭.‬

Dzurnak described a few of those practices that have led to success‭. ‬

“We stay consistent with our schedule and preserve our instructional time with minimal interruptions‭,‬”‭ ‬she shared‭. ‬“We continue making sure our parents are part of our educational team and that they support the school by working on areas that need improvement‭. ‬We continue working as a team and supporting each other with research-based instructional strategies and interventions that work‭. ‬We work hard to build a positive school culture where all students believe they can achieve and grow in their‭ ‬understanding of content material‭.‬”

For the future‭, ‬she added that the building will keep extending student learning at all levels and will always support student success every day‭. ‬

“We want our students to feel that they are part of the Dentzler family and know that we care about their academic‭, ‬social and emotional learning‭,‬”‭ ‬Dzurnak further expressed‭.‬


PHOTO CAPTION: Dentzler Elementary School’s fourth-grade team was recognized at the March 12‭ ‬Board of Education meeting for winning the 2019‭ ‬Momentum Award from ODE‭. ‬Pictured left to right‭: ‬Connie Konczal‭, ‬Jennifer Adrovet‭, ‬Laurie Hausler‭, ‬Pam Paltani‭, ‬Dentzler principal Renee Dzurnak and Superintendent Charles Smialek‭, ‬Ph.D‭.‬