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PCPTA showcases student artists at Reflections Night


PTA Reflections Night with Dr. Smialek

March 23, 2020


On February 26‭, ‬PCSD students and their families were invited to PTA Reflections Night‭, ‬held at Parma Senior High School‭. ‬

Each year‭, ‬students in the PCSD are recognized through the Parma Council of PTAs as part of the National PTA Reflections program‭. ‬Reflections helps students explore their artistic ability through a variety of different artistic mediums‭, ‬including dance choreography‭, ‬film production‭, ‬literature‭, ‬music composition‭, ‬photography and visual arts‭. ‬

Students submit their works of art for consideration to be placed at the National PTA conference planned in May‭. ‬

For more information about the Reflections program and the Parma Council of PTAs‭, ‬visit‭ ‬‭.‬