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PCSD students send lots of love to Armed Forces troops and veterans

Student at Green Valley with Valentine's Day Card February 10, 2020


Students from across Parma City School District are sending our troops some love this Valentine’s Day‭. ‬

Parma City Council put a call out to the community to send our brave men and women serving our country messages and cards from home‭. ‬

“Cards for the Troops”‭ ‬encouraged anyone to drop off homemade cards‭, ‬store-bought cards‭, ‬letters and cut-out hearts to Parma City Hall this January‭. ‬United Service Organizations‭, ‬or USO‭, ‬would then mail the cards out to our troops‭. ‬

Our elementary school students showed off their artistic talents and shared heartfelt messages through this program‭. ‬

Dentzler‭, ‬Green Valley‭, ‬John Muir‭, ‬Parma Park and Pleasant Valley Elementary Schools all had students and staff submit Valentine’s Day cards‭. ‬Boxes of hand-crafted cards from the Parma Schools were dropped off to Parma City Hall‭. ‬

“At Green Valley‭, ‬we have a warm and caring community and wanted to extend that to our troops‭,‬”‭ ‬expressed Jacqueline Marconi‭, ‬Principal at Green Valley‭. ‬“Our students and staff wanted to share Valentine’s messages to let our men and women in service know we support and miss them‭.  ‬A cute note and‭ ‬‘heart-felt’‭ ‬message from our students will hopefully bring a smile to our service members‭.‬”‭   ‬

Dentzler Principal Renee Dzurnak said that an important part of a student’s education is teaching them what service to others means‭. ‬

“We have great respect and admiration for veterans and the sacrifices they have made for us‭,‬”‭ ‬she shared‭. ‬“We work to find ways to show our appreciation‭, ‬so when we had the opportunity to make cards and share our thoughts‭, ‬we were excited to participate‭. ‬It is a small way to say thank you for a job well done‭.‬”

Kristin Saban‭, ‬Ward 4‭ ‬Councilwoman for the City of Parma‭, ‬said this could become a new tradition for the community‭. ‬

“This was such a well-received community event for our troops‭,‬”‭ ‬she expressed‭. ‬“My hope is that our troops enjoy receiving homemade Valentine cards made by the very talented students of our district‭. ‬It has been truly exciting to see such an outpouring within the community‭.‬”

At Hillside Middle School and also at Dentzler Elementary‭, ‬students are sending their Valentine’s message to one veteran in particular‭. ‬Retired Major Bill White is a 104‭ ‬year old veteran of the Marines‭, ‬who served in World War II and was awarded the Purple Heart for his actions in the Battle of Iwo Jima‭. ‬Students from across the nation are sending messages to this special veteran as part of‭ ‬“Operation Valentine”‭. ‬White has promised to keep the messages and scrapbook them‭, ‬one of his favorite hobbies‭.‬


PHOTO CAPTION: Students from throughout the PCSD made Valentine’s Day cards for local troops this February with the‭ ‬“Cards for the Troops”‭ ‬program‭. ‬