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Normandy choir sings National Anthem at Cleveland Monsters game

Normandy Choir at Monsters Game February 3, 2020


On Wednesday‭, ‬January 22‭, ‬the Normandy choral program performed the National Anthem before the start of the Cleveland Monsters game versus the Rochester Americans‭. ‬The game was held at Rocket Mortgage Field House in Cleveland‭.‬

Normandy’s choirs have been performing at Monsters game for the last four years‭. ‬This year the group numbered about 45‭ ‬students‭.‬

“I am exceedingly grateful I get to have a career I’m passionate about and get to work with such an invested community‭,‬”‭ ‬Sarah Shonk‭, ‬Normandy’s choir director‭, ‬explained‭. ‬“I am extremely proud of our choir students and am thankful I get to teach people who are as invested in music as I am‭.‬”