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#MyPCSDStory: Olivia Hoysak, Parma Senior High, Class of 2015

Olivia Hoysak, Parma Senior High Class of 2015 February 3, 2020


Name‭:‬‭  Olivia Hoysak

High School‭:  ‬Parma

Graduation Year‭: ‬2015

Any post-secondary education‭?‬

Baldwin Wallace University‭. ‬Middle Childhood Education‭, ‬May 2019‭.‬

Current job title and location‭:

Learning Lab Teacher at Greenbriar Middle School

How did your experiences at the Parma City School District help you to achieve success in your career‭?

The teachers and experiences I had during my time at PCSD gave me the confidence to further my education at a 4-year university‭.‬

What is your favorite childhood memory growing up‭?‬

My favorite childhood memory is having two older sisters‭. ‬We have always been extremely close and I’ve looked up to them my entire life‭.‬

Who was your favorite teacher and how did they inspire you‭?‬

I have so many‭, ‬but the two that stick out to me the most are Paula Stadalsky and Ron Ealy‭, both of which were my fifth-grade teachers‭ ‬at John Muir Elementary‭. ‬Because of them‭, ‬I fell in love with both ELA and Social Studies‭. ‬They are one of the reasons why I am‭ ‬now a middle school ELA/Social Studies teacher‭. ‬I owe it to you guys‭, ‬so thank you‭! ‬It was an honor to be your student‭, ‬and Paula‭, ‬it was an honor to be your student teacher‭!‬

Looking back at your school years‭, ‬what is one thing that has stayed with you throughout the years‭?‬

The number of amazing teachers I’ve had‭! ‬This district is filled with so many educators that are very passionate about their jobs and the areas they teach‭. ‬Learning from a teacher who is passionate is something that has stayed with me throughout the years‭, ‬and that is the kind of educator‭ ‬I strive to be for my students‭.‬

What does the PCSD mean to you‭?‬

PCSD means everything to me‭. ‬It means becoming the most successful version of yourself alongside the best teachers‭, ‬staff‭, ‬and peers in the land‭!‬

What is one thing you want people to know about you‭?‬

One thing I want people to know about me is that I was a cheerleader for 17‭ ‬years‭. ‬I am also a cheerleading coach at Berea Midpark Middle School for 7th and 8th-grade football and basketball‭.‬

Why are you Parma Proud‭?

I am Parma Proud because this is my home‭! ‬It is an honor to have gone through this district and now work here‭.‬