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STEM Capstone events in December showcase learning with student-created work

STEM presentation from Greenbriar student January 6, 2020


STEM students put what they have learned on display at capstone events on December 18‭, ‬2019‭. ‬

Greenbriar Middle School fifth grade STEM students had a Museum of Natural History for families‭, ‬friends‭, ‬staff and other students to enjoy‭.‬

Students shared what they learned about various ecosystems as well as early Mesoamerican civilizations‭. ‬The Sahara Desert‭, ‬Great Barrier Reef‭, ‬Incas‭, ‬Mayas‭, ‬Aztecs‭, ‬and even Lake Erie were just a few of the topics discussed by students‭. ‬

Pleasant Valley Elementary School second grade STEM students shared all that they have learned about weather‭. ‬Families‭, ‬staff‭, ‬students and the community viewed student-created weather instruments‭, ‬forecasts and research‭. ‬Plus‭, ‬they tested their knowledge‭ ‬on the weather through trivia games at the Wild World of Weather event‭. ‬Each student also wore a bracelet that described the water cycle‭!‬

Sixth grade STEM at Greenbriar and fourth grade STEM at Pleasant Valley also held capstones on December 18‭, ‬as well‭!‬