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A message from Superintendent Charles Smialek, Ph.D.

December 9, 2019


We will present Tuesday evening to the Board of Education, GPD’s (our architectural consultant) recommendation for the Strategic Consolidation of our district. We will post our presentation to our website and social media shortly after Tuesday night’s meeting concludes.

We have worked since January to elicit the popular consensus of the community, holding 24 open meetings, presenting to groups who have invited us, and providing two online surveys for those who could not otherwise participate.

538 community members participated in some way this spring, and 353 have either attended a meeting or completed the online survey this fall. We certainly wish that our totals of participants would have been higher; however, we are also grateful for the thoughtful contributions of those citizens and staff members who took the time to share their opinions. 

After GPD presents their recommendations Tuesday evening, the Board will have the next nine days to study the proposal and develop questions they would like answered before casting their formal vote on December 19. If the Board accepts the proposal, GPD will work to provide more details about the planned schools so that we can be as informative as possible during the months that lead up to November’s potential bond issue.

Ultimately, no actual design plan becomes “final” until well after the passage of a bond issue when our architect works with a construction manager to develop a schematic for our Board to approve. However, it is important to be as detailed as possible so that the community will fully understand their choice of approving or rejecting the tax increase required to fund new construction.

No one Master Plan will meet with 100% approval. We are hopeful, though, that our full calendar year of soliciting input has educated us sufficiently about the community’s perspective to allow us to craft what we can all consider to be, “Our Plan.”

It is our turn, it is our time to provide 21st century facilities to our students and communities!