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Parma School of Choice provides options for PCSD families

November 18, 2019


Offering parents and students options in the Parma City School District is an important part of the education each student receives.

Starting November 15, the PCSD is changing some of its procedures when it comes to transferring between school buildings, formerly known as Open Enrollment. Now, the program called Parma School of Choice, more clearly defines how the district will move forward with requests to transfer current students in grades K-12 between schools. 

Parma School of Choice will provide families the opportunity to apply to choose a school within the PCSD for the next school year. The Parma School of Choice application period will run from November 15 through January 15.

“It’s different because we are offering it as an online digital form,” explained Audrey Holtzman, Administrative Specialist for Enrollment and Registration. “We renamed it because we wanted to make sure that our families understood that this is their opportunity to pick a Parma school of their choice.”

Parma School of Choice requests will be approved based on the date of application and space available. In addition, fees owed, behavior and student attendance record will be considered. Parma School of Choice will automatically renew each school year until the student transitions out of a particular building due to age. It may be rescinded at the end of the school year based on a student’s behavior and attendance records.

The PCSD has continued to work extremely hard to align curriculum throughout the district at each building. The goal is to provide a consistent, quality education to all students, no matter what building they may attend. 

“We have worked so hard on our educational framework to make sure that everybody is doing the same things at the same time,” Holtzman added. “It provides equity among their educational experience.”

Special Transfer requests, different from Parma School of Choice, is a request for an immediate transition to another building. Moving forward, Special Transfer requests will only be available from September 1 through October 15 of a current school year. If parents wish to submit a Special Transfer request for the next school year, they can only apply from April 1 through May 15. 

“At the beginning of the school year, when we start school, we have hundreds of Special Transfer requests,” Holtzman said. “This is a huge challenge when it comes time to section classes. We have to base them on space available. This year, in order to maintain appropriate student to teacher ratios, we had to wait until after the first couple of weeks of school before anything could be approved. By the time classes were sectioned and everyone settled in, many students realized they were happy in their assigned building and wanted to stay there. In order to provide a consistent experience, we wanted to make sure we followed a thoughtful procedure.”

Special Transfer requests must be unique, extraordinary circumstances such as health reason, course or program availability or EDC and Day Care arrangements. 

In both Parma School of Choice and Special Transfer Requests, students on an IEP are considered based on team agreement and final approval by the Director of the Office of Exceptional Students.

For more information about both Parma School of Choice and Special Transfer Requests, please visit You can also contact the Registration and Enrollment office at 440-885-8334.