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Normandy Choir students experience big city life, culture with visit to New York City in April

Normandy choir performs


June 10, 2019



by Erin Stocks

English Department,

Normandy High School



During Spring Break, Normandy High School choir students had the opportunity to visit New York City.  Under the supervision of choir director, Sarah Shonk, students spent four days touring the city and performing.  


This experience allowed students to explore a variety of music, art and literature standards.


While in the city, students performed at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, attended “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway, and took a private tour of the MOMA, the acclaimed Museum of Modern Art.  


Choir students visited “The Dakota” where John Lennon lived, and sang “Imagine” and visited Strawberry Fields while walking through Central Park. Students also visited the World Trade Center and spent time exploring Rockefeller Center.  


Additionally, they enjoyed a ferry ride to Ellis Island, toured Times Square, Chinatown, Little Italy, and visited “The Apollo Theater” music hall, in Harlem.


Michael Fetterman, ninth grade student at Normandy, stated that he was “very impressed with how well put together the field trip was.”  


He particularly appreciated spending time with his friends in Times Square and that students were given plenty of time to rest and relax while experiencing spring break in one of the busiest cities in the world.


This was the second time the choir was able to travel to NYC. Normandy senior Phoenix Barney was very thankful that she was able to experience New York City again with Shonk and the rest of her friends in the choir.  She also loved the performance of “Phantom of the Opera” and taking in the sights of the city.


“There are two highlights most students are still discussing,” Shonk expressed. “All of our students enjoyed visiting NBC studios and touring the SNL and Jimmy Fallon sets. The second highlight was seeing ‘Phantom of the Opera’ professionally performed on Broadway. Our district is very lucky to have so many great local theaters that offer exceptional performances, but few shows beat a live Broadway performance.”  


Thanks to Shonk and her planning, the field trip was a great success and all students enjoyed this valuable educational experience!


PHOTO CAPTION:  Normandy High School’s choir performs at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City during spring break.  The group is under the direction of Sarah Shonk.