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Lights, Camera, Action! Parma High Movie Club lets students appreciate, discuss many films

Parma Senior High School Drama Club members


April 15, 2019



by Natalie Moran

11th Grade,

Parma Senior High School



Who doesn’t love a good movie? Whether it be a comedy for the entire family or a scary thriller, we all have our favorites.


Students at Parma Senior High School are invited to share their favorites and explore new films at the school’s movie club.


Bruce Saban, history teacher at Parma, started movie club in 2009 and has kept the fun rolling for a decade.


“It’s a really unique club that gives an opportunity for students who might not be involved in other things and find a place where they really feel like they belong,” Saban shared. “We have discussions from symbolism and metaphors in films to watching the movies, which is always entertaining.”


Subjects of the films and movies watched during movie club vary from current events to mysteries and science. The group also watches award ceremonies and tests their knowledge in movie trivia, questions Saban created himself.


“We had an Oscar party once which was really fun, and we played ‘Scene It’ on Xbox,” Saban described. “I had one movie club who attempted to, and were toying with the idea of, making their own movie.”


Apart from the pure enjoyment of watching movies and chatting about them, there is an educational component to the group, too.


“In terms of education, everything we do is a different vehicle for thinking, critical thinking and deeper thinking,” he explained. “It’s another way for intellectual stimulation, to get them to think much deeper than just on a superficial level.”


Saban keeps in touch with his students in the club by offering ideas of movies to watch and updates about the group. The group meets once a week after school, and Saban is always thinking of ways to engage students.


“You always want to evolve as a club, want to get better or try new things,” he expressed on the future of the group. “Potentially making a scene or breaking down a scene would be a unique way to do something different.”


Saban discovered a deeper passion for movies during college. After transferring from the University of Akron to John Carroll University, he had the opportunity to take classes that changed his perspective.


“I took a film class in college related to history and I realized how deep movies can be but also how you can examine them,” he shared. “I like movies because I like closure and the journey and stories movies tell and I found out that a lot of students like the same thing.”



PHOTO CAPTION: Parma Senior High School’s Movie Club meets after school every week to discuss many aspects of film and filmmaking.