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Partnership with Sewer District benefits students, environment and saves money

Shiloh Middle School student and her Chromebook


April 8, 2019



Parma City School District students are learning more about water conservation and how to help their environment through a partnership with the Northeast Ohio Sewer District.


Jeff Cook, Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction at PCSD, said the sewer district reached out to Parma Schools this year about providing water conservation curriculum to various grade levels in exchange for a discount on the district’s sewer bill.


“We were offered the opportunity to reduce our sewer run off charge by $25,000 if we participated in this program that they designed, built and are offering to school districts in Northeast Ohio,” he explained.


“There were several options but what we chose was third grade, fifth grade and seventh grade and high school biology to participate in this program,” Cook added. “We could also choose to use the curriculum provided by the sewer district, design our own lessons and have them approved by the sewer district, or access a field trip to the watershed, which we are very fortunate to have in our Parma boundaries.”


PCSD opted for the written curriculum provided by the sewer district for third and fifth grades and biology classes. Students in seventh grade will take a trip to the Cleveland Metropark’s West Creek Reservation Watershed Stewardship Center, located on West Ridgewood Drive in Parma.


“What’s great is that this program was created by educators and they worked in tandem with the sewer district to create the curriculum,” he shared. “There are things like graphic organizers, reading activities and hands-on projects. It’s really well designed and comes from a very educational understanding.”


The curriculum is geared toward water conservation and are grade level appropriate, Cook explained.


“It really complements the curriculum we are offering now, and it will certainly benefit the community and is a worthwhile endeavor in educating students on basic knowledge of water conservation and water run off,” he said. “This also lets us have the ability to tap into community resources.”


Cook shared that all the district needs to do to get the max rebate is to submit evidence that students and teachers completed the curriculum. Grade levels will complete this program in May after testing and the curriculum will take about a week or two to complete.


“It’s really nice that the sewer district offers this program and it’s a substantial rebate for our district,” he expressed. “They have been nothing but flexible and supportive, and I think we will be doing this for as long as it is offered. The teachers have also been wonderful in making sure this will align with standards and complement what they are doing in their classrooms.”



PHOTO CAPTION:  Students throughout the PCSD are learning about water conservation through a program designed with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. With this program, the PCSD can reduce the sewer run off charge by $25,000 thanks to this important partnership.