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Partnership with Career Tech Welding class reminds John Muir students of daily expectations

John Muir 3 Rs in Hallway


April 8, 2019



John Muir Elementary School students now have a physical depiction of the values that mean so much to them.


Parma City School District Career and Technical Education welding students crafted a sculpture for John Muir Elementary School to remind them of The 3 Rs - Respectful, Responsible and Ready To Learn.


John Muir Principal Karl Schneider wanted to have a tangible representation of the ideals that are so important everyone at their school.


“I asked (Parma High) welding teacher Pat Connelly if he could help make this touch point to try and remind the kids of what we stand for here,” Schneider shared. “It creates a consistent language throughout our building.”


Welding students worked on the sculpture throughout the fall, and the finished product was introduced to the elementary school in January.


“I thought it would be a neat way for the older kids to help out the younger kids,” Schneider said. “Some of these students were here not that many years ago.”


The 3 Rs initiative at John Muir is part of the school’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, which encourages acknowledgment and reinforcement of appropriate behaviors and positive school environment. It has become part of the culture at John Muir for all staff, teachers and students.


Lexi Sparrow Burnette, the school's morning door monitor, has begun incorporating The 3 Rs into the morning routine.


“After our PBIS team started the 3 Rs and we got our display by the front door, I loved the idea of the kids coming in touching the display, like you see sports players touch their mascot statue for good luck before a game,” Sparrow Burnette shared.


On Mondays and Fridays, Sparrow Burnette plays music as the students walk into school, starting and ending the week on a high note.


“You can tell a difference in the kids coming in. They seem more excited and focused with the 3 Rs throughout our entire building,” Sparrow Burnette described. “Starting and doing this has even helped me start my day off that much more positive, and you can see that in the teachers and staff, too.”


The teachers have incorporated The 3 Rs in their classes and in their expectations for behavior, as well.


“We have PBIS lessons,” Schneider expressed. “Teachers carry forward our values in the classroom with examples of good behavior, conversation pieces and questions for the kids.”


Outside of their classrooms, teachers had the opportunity to contribute to the morning pledge by voting on which quotes they felt exemplified The 3 Rs the best. The pledge is read every morning and serves as a reminder of what it means to be respectful, responsible and ready to learn.


Other PSCD schools throughout the district, also use The 3 Rs framework. John Muir students will be able to use and recognize these values as they move on to other buildings within the district.


“The kids like it and enjoy it,” Schneider shared. “It’s a chance for us to be consistent in how we explain things to kids and be consistent with what our expectations are at John Muir.”




PHOTO CAPTION:  Located near the entrance of John Muir Elementary School, the 3 Rs created in partnership with the Career Tech Welding program at Parma Senior High School remind students to be Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn everyday.