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A message from Superintendent Charles Smialek, Ph.D.



February 4, 2019


After much consideration, senior administrators and the Parma Board of Education have collectively decided to pursue avenues other than the conversion of Renwood Elementary School for the initiation of an Opportunity Center. We continue to believe that we must work to introduce additional options into our continuum of Least Restrictive Environments for our children with disabilities.


This addition is critical for both educational and financial reasons. However, after reflecting upon the many considerations that this proposal has generated both internally and from parents and community members, we believe it best to explore options that do not include the conversion of any currently operating schools.


The meeting scheduled for parents of children with disabilities on Tuesday, February 5 at 6:30 PM (Parma Senior High School’s Little Theater) will continue as planned. Representatives of our district hope that parents will provide their perspectives of special education services and help us to begin the planning process for opening an Opportunity Center in the near future.


This process has affirmed our belief in the strength of the social fabric which unites our school district. It was inspiring to see so many Renwood parents and community parents speak so passionately about their school.


We hope that we can capitalize on this momentum to invigorate our Master Planning for Strategic Consolidation process. Our next meeting will occur Monday, February 11 at 6:30 P at Ridge-Brook Elementary School. All are welcome to lend their voice to this exciting process.


On a personal level, I recognize even better now how so many members of our school communities  have built such a strong sense of resiliency during their Parma experiences. I have found both our levy defeat and the experience of proposing to convert Renwood into an Opportunity Center to be both educative and humbling.


However, in the same manner that our staff members and families have found ways to “make it work” in our schools when challenged by budget cuts, personnel loss and community strife, I, too, will reflect, assimilate, and, ultimately, continue to find means of improving our district.


Our Master Planning efforts seem to be gaining notoriety and our administrative realignment promises to provide much needed support to our schools. I continue to be excited about our future!