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Online report cards coming soon for PCSD Middle and High School students

Dentzler Elementary students in class



December 3, 2018



A new year brings new opportunities.


Beginning in 2019, middle school and high school families will see a change in the way they receive their final grades each grading period.


Starting with the second grading period, which closes on December 21, 2018, Parma City Schools will transition from mailing out report cards to online, printable versions.


“Last year through Forum, which is a collaborative meeting of administration, teachers and union representation, the idea was discussed of having online report cards to make the process more efficient and save costs,” explained Debra Vanek, supervisor of data and testing at Parma City School District. “The thought process behind this idea was that parents can already log into Home Access Center (HAC) and see their child’s grade at any time, so do we really need to have a paper report card mailed home.”


The transition to make online report cards a reality was as simple as activating the option on the system already in place, with no added cost to the district.


“We worked with DIS, or Department of Information Systems, and found out that it was already built into eSchool, we just needed to turn it on,” Vanek shared. “So, this will be very easy for us to implement, it will just be a new process for families.”


Typically, families would receive report cards in the mail a few weeks after the grading period ends. Now, families will be able to access report cards once the teacher submits the final grades. They might be able to be access those final grades sooner, since parents and guardians will not need to wait for mail delivery. It will be as simple as logging into HAC and clicking a link to view the final report card.


“The online version is programmed to look just like a report card, so families can print off a copy if they would like to have a hard copy,” Vanek expressed. “For our parents who may not have access to the internet and HAC or would like a printed version, they or their child can go to the main office of their school building and ask for a paper copy. However, a parent will not be able to call and ask for a paper copy to be sent home.”


This is only for middle and high school families. Elementary school families will still receive paper report cards. Also, the way grades are calculated does not change with the new delivery method.


It is estimated that moving to online report cards will save the district approximately $14,480 per year, according to Vanek.


And, this isn’t the first move to online reporting of grade progress, she added.


“In the past, we used to print out and mail home mid-quarter grades, but we stopped doing that because we had HAC and parents could log in to get an update on their child’s grades as often as they wanted,” Vanek said.


Parents and guardians have already received notification on the last report card that the next report card will be online. Families will also be reminded of the change by email and robocall.


The first online report card will be available in mid-January, and the district is working on a way to notify families when the report card is ready to be viewed, Vanek shared.


“Anytime you can put information online that can easily be accessed by parents to monitor their child’s progress I think is a great thing,” she added. “I love HAC and I love that it gives more power to the parent to view their child’s grades often and make sure they are completing their work.”


For more information about the Home Access Center and how to log in, visit



PHOTO CAPTION:  PCSD high school and middle school students will transition to online report cards beginning at the end of the second semester on December 21, 2018.  PCSD elementary school students, like those pictured above at Dentzler Elementary, will continue to receive paper copies of their report cards.