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Valley Forge DECA Students Honored as Emerging Leaders in Marketing and Business

Students in Valley Forge’s DECA program have continued to show their dedication and future potential in the business world.

Seven students from Valley Forge DECA received the distinguished 2017 Emerging Leader Honor Award. Katherine Manzuk, Julianna Minut, Milica Radivojevic, Lizbeth Rivera, Alexis Stadalsky, Matthew Stang, Wiktoria Lasota, and Amanda Swenski were recipients of the ELHA.

In order to qualify for the EMLHA, students had to be a senior, have an overall 3.2 grade point average for seven previous semesters, and complete a course in either marketing, business management and administration, entrepreneurship, finance, or hospitality and tourism. Lastly, students had to participate in community work, showcase their professional responsibility, or prove they are an experience leader.

“Knowing that all of my hard work paid off and got recognized it really meant a lot, it was nice,” Swenski said.

“It’s going to give me an opportunity to put it down on my resume. It gives me a leg up on other competition for job placement. It’s also recognition for hard work throughout high school,” Stang added.

Recently, students from the Valley Forge DECA competed at the DECA state competition in Columbus. With over 2,500 students competing in 48 events, Valley Forge had four students rank in the top 10 in their respected categories.

Martin Navarro placed eighth in Principles of Hospitality and Tourism and Lizbeth Rivera placed fifth in Principles of Marketing. Stang placed third in Innovation Plans and Andrew Lang placed fourth in Principles of Business Administration. Stang and Lang are DECA national qualifiers after placing in the top four.

Currently, the DECA class is working on a new project. The class as a whole creates a company, determines a product or products to market, and sells their product or products to the school to help benefit the program.

“Everyone in the class has a role that they have in the business. We have a HR person, we have a PR person,” Swenski said. “It’s great that everyone gets to learn their position so when they are in college they have an idea of what the job entails.

“It’s a lot of work, a lot of hard work. Everyone has a passion for the class and they’re in DECA for a reason.”