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Jim "Basketball" Jones Brings Anti-Bullying Message to Thoreau Park in March

Thoreau Park had an amusing guest speaker on March 23 by the name of Jim ‘Basketball’ Jones.

Jones is an advocate of anti-bullying, and during his appearance, he utilized entertaining engaging activities for students to understand the ways of respecting, encouraging, and being kind to others. 

“I received a referral from some staff at Ridge-Brook. Once I looked up some information on his background and what kind of performances he did I knew it would be a great tie in to what we are doing in the building with bullying prevention,” Thoreau Park principal Jamie Franko said.

During the assembly, Jones applied music, games, and basketball tricks that also included the participation of students. 
Franco stated he is glad that he brought in Jones for the assembly at Thoreau Park. Franco added that he believes that Jones certainly made an impact on the students.

“I think the assembly and message will reinforce that we want to make sure students feel safe in the building and students learn that it is okay to be different and we should celebrate our differences not bully each other,” Franko said.