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Ridge-Brook Discovery Center Family Night Benefits Others

On March 23, the Ridge-Brook Discovery held a Service Project Family Night.

“Community service and project based learning is an important piece of our Ridge-Brook Discovery Center,” Jennifer Langtry, the site coordinator at the Ridge-Brook Discovery Center, said. “It is important for students to understand their role in a community.  Likewise, it is just as important that parents and families understand their importance in the community.”

Students used their artistic skills for the benefit of the community as well as their school. The students used the Japanese form of art design known as Suminagashi. The artwork created was made for placements for the Parma Senior Center. They also painted tiles that will eventually be produced into a mural that will beautify the school.

Additionally, students filled Ziploc bags with items to aid the homeless such as hygiene products, a washcloth and towel, bottled water, and snacks. Also as an act of kindness to help the homeless, the students knitted hats and scarves.

What makes the service project quite meaningful is that the students brainstormed and formulated the activities. The Service Project Family Night is one of many ways that the Ridge-Brook Discovery Center has been involved in the community.

The students made dog treats and toys for the SPCA pet shelter and were able to hand deliver them. Students made no-slip socks for residents at the Broadview Multi-Care Center as well as making thank you care packages for community service workers and the Ridge-Brook staff.

“I have to say, the Ridge-Brook Discovery Center students show me every day how kindness and compassion makes this world beautiful,” Langtry said. “Seeing them want to do things for others is the most precious and cherished part of my job.”