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PCSD Dental Technology Students Teach Important Lessons to Ridge-Brook Students

Four members from the Dental Technology Career Tech and Education program visited Ridge-Brook Elementary to educate students about the importance of oral health. What also made the trip enjoyable is that three of the four Dental Technology students attended Ridge-Brook.

“It was really nice to see my old teachers and to see how everything looks different now, and how the school is set up. It was nice to be back,” Devanee Feliciano, a student in Dental Technology and an eleventh grader at Valley Forge, said.

The Dental Students taught their elementary school peers an array of items including how to brush and floss their teeth correctly, cavities, and how teeth are formed.

“They thought we were doctors because we were all in our scrub outfits and they actually thought we were dentists, so it was really fun to see them all excited. I want to go back to the schools if I could,” Feliciano said.

The Dental Technology program attends every first grade elementary school, teaching over 650 students about the importance of oral health.

“Childhood tooth decay is the number one chronic disease of kids,” Cathy English, the Dental Technologies instructor, said. “Not only is it good experience for my kids but the first graders actually respond better when a student that they know in the district is teaching them. They tend to learn more from peers.”

English added that the experience provides confidence in her students so when they transition into the workforce they have the interpersonal skills of working with patients.

When students graduate from the Dental Technology program, they are certified to work in positions such as clinical assistants, infection control managers, practice managers, dental hygiene assistants and/or receptionists for dental offices, dental clinics and public health facilities.