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NASA Rockets Rock Teaches Students at Greenbriar Discovery Center About Physics and Landing on Mars

Students from the Greenbriar Discovery Center witnessed their NASA Rockets Rock Module project come into fruition when they conducted their experiment on March 8.

The Rockets Rock is a STEM module courtesy of a NASA Out-of-School Learning Grant.

The Rockets Rock Module was designed by NASA engineers to provide students an understanding of Newton’s Third law of motion through designing processes, forces and interactions.

In the second session of the Greenbriar Discovery Center, students were faced with a problem of how to produce a successfully designed parachute for the travel to Mars.

Currently, in the third session, students were given another task – how can the designed parachute be able to protect its cargo successfully when it reached Mars. In this case, the cargo was an egg and students had to make sure the egg didn’t break upon landing.

Allison Kokely, a second grade STEM teacher at Pleasant Valley and the teacher of the module class, said that students created blueprints and designs using a variety of material including styrofoam, cardboard, sponges, bubble wrap, and cotton balls.

“Knowing that the heavier something is the faster it falls. They did their best to keep the containers compact and light, yet, effective at the same time,” Kokely said.