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A Message From Superintendent Hilling: Focus on the Future Update

On Wednesday, January 18, the Parma Schools began a new journey with Focus on the Future.

On three Thursday nights this March, the Board of Education scheduled special meetings to ask questions and discuss Focus on the Future with our seven Action Teams. Our Facilities Usage and District Operations and Finances Teams met with the Board of Education on March 2, while the Athletics and Extra Curricular and Curriculum and Instruction teams met on March 9.

This week, on March 16, the final three Action Teams - Community Engagement, Restoring the Trust and Technology - will meet with the Board in open session for the same purpose. Along with the Board of Education, I would like to invite you to attend this special meeting to learn more about these recommendations and how they will benefit our students and community.

I will also be reporting to the Board which of the recommendations I think are able to be immediately implemented, and which recommendations may need more time and investigation before implementation. The Board has stated that they will meet in a work session at the conclusion of the March 16 meeting to discuss all short term recommendations.

Although all of these recommendations are important to the district, we need to ensure that these programs are equitable, sustainable and prudent for everyone in our district. Some will require funding - and the Board, Treasurer, Business Manager, Administration and I will work together to determine if and how these initiatives can be implemented given our Ohio Department of Education approved fiscal recovery plan.

As always, if you cannot make the March 16 meeting, all information about Focus on the Future will be on our website at Since we began in January, we have been placing all information about this initiative on the website and we will continue to do so.

I think if you ask any of the 110 plus Action Team members, they will agree that this process has been a successful one and our work is not complete. In October, the community overwhelmingly asked if we heard them. We did. Focus on the Future is our response to that question, and we have been working tirelessly to ensure that we continue to engage and work with our community stakeholders to better our district.