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A Message From Superintendent Hilling: Focus on the Future Update

On Wednesday, January 18, the Parma Schools began a new journey with Focus on the Future.

Last week, the Focus on the Future teams wrapped up their initial round of meetings on February 8. The goal for this first set of meetings was to create short term recommendations for the Board of Education to consider. These Action Teams are to meet regularly moving forward to develop long term ideas for consideration.

The Action Teams will be making their initial recommendations to the Board of Education on Tuesday, February 21at the regular Board meeting. The meeting will be held in the Parma Senior High School Little Theater and will begin at 5:30 PM. I invite you to attend the meeting to hear for yourself the work of these Action Teams.

In October and November, the community let us know that they wanted a say in the future of this district. Focus on the Future brings us together in an open and honest discussion in what is best for our students, our school district and our three communities. The members of these teams are made up of our stakeholders - parents, students, certified and classified staff, administrators, PTA, community members, public officials and senior citizens. They represent all of us in this critical process, and they have been diligent and thorough in their work.

The Action Teams short term and long term recommendations will help guide our district and help establish consistency, sustainability and credibility. Some of the initial short term ideas are “out of the box” and some may solve some of our long term issues. Either way, these Action Teams will continue to speak for what our communities would like to see moving forward.

If you are unable to attend the Board meeting on February 21, I invite you to visit the Focus on the Future section of our website at The Action Team meeting minutes plus all the recommendations made will be listed there. We will also have a link to watch the Board Meeting online on our website and PACT-TV will be airing the Board Meeting starting on Wednesday, February 22.