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Ridge-Brook Discovery Center Students Learn Proper Etiquette Skills After School

During the current session at the Ridge-Brook Discovery Center, students are learning a valuable lesson in their young lives – proper etiquette.

“The etiquette class sprouted from a conversation with Jen Langtry.  She and I are always looking for new and interesting ways to not only enrich our students' lives, but also provide them with skills that will help them in and out of school,” Cheryl Trainer, a third grade teacher at Ridge-Brook said. “Kids always want to eat lunch with me, and I started to find that teaching manners at the table was something that just came naturally.  Etiquette class has been an extension of something I do.” 

 There have been numerous lessons that students have learned during the etiquette classes, such as learning how to set a dinner table to how to greet someone with eye contact and a firm handshake. Other examples students were taught include using ‘May I’, ‘Thank you,’ ‘Please,’ and when invited to someone’s home, knowing it is proper to bring a gift.

On specific days, students are provided food as an opportunity to utilize their etiquette skills learned throughout the course. Students are also given the chance to try different foods that they otherwise may not have.

"We had a class on teaching the children how to eat soup correctly. We had a dessert and served them pies, so they knew to use the different types of silverware,” Jen Langtry, the Ridge-Brook Discovery Center site coordinator said. “We had a class on how to hold a fork and knife and they practiced doing so by eating a salad.”

Langtry and Trainer said that the reception of the etiquette class is well received by the students and the two are hopeful that the lessons learned will transition into adulthood.

“I want them to appreciate those people who will be serving them or know what they should expect when they are serving others, either at home or in a restaurant,” Trainer said.  “All of this begins with good manners and knowing how to treat others and situations well.”