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Two Parma Senior High Students Awarded MyCom Youth Voice Awards in Recognition of Support

Parma Senior students Noah Utterback and Zahraa Al Ribeawi were winners of the MyCom Youth Voice Awards, which honors residents, leaders, and organizations that take action to support the needs of young people in Greater Cleveland.

MyCom is a youth development network that provides young individuals in Greater Cleveland the tools they need to network and be productive so they can be reach their true potential.

“It makes me feel that I am growing as an individual. I really like to see that I made an impact on my community,” Utterback said. “When I began MyCom, I was learning how I can do a lot with very little assistance from adults. That means a lot to me.”

Utterback, a senior, along with Al Ribeawi, a junior, were two major leaders representing Parma Senior when it came to organizing rallies that urged members of the community to cast their vote in the November election, more specifically in regards to the school district’s renewal levy. Al Ribeawi organized a read-out during class time as students came together and raised their concerns regarding the levy.

“I feel like when there is a large issue that not a lot of people pay attention to it, one has to make the change,” Al Ribeawi said. “My role was to encourage and spread the awareness to people, but overall, it was a group effort.”

Utterback and Al Ribeawi are also involved with helping with members of the community.

Al Ribeawi is the co-vice president of the Key Club and she volunteers at a local food pantry. She is also known for her ability to engage both adults and youth, excellent grades, and being a confident spokesperson.

Al Ribeawi continues to seeks ways to be an advocate in her community by being an informed citizen, a characteristic that will help her aspirations to become career oriented in the field of international relations, her selected major in college.

“A big part of being informed has to deal with me personally because I am very interested in politics at all sorts of levels so I have to observe what’s going on around me,” Al Ribeawi said. “It’s quite important and also interesting. To also be able to affect something positively is also a privilege.”

Utterback is involved with Boy Scouts, Friends of Rachel, a club that equips students and adults to combat bullying, and Drama Club.

Utterback is debating what his major will be in college, but has tossed around the idea of majoring in non-profit administration or education.

“Maybe down the road I’ll be doing what MyCom is doing, helping younger people have a voice in their community,” Utterback said.