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A Message From Superintendent Hilling: A Holiday Message

I think all of us remember a time when we were children and we got holiday presents.  Our eyes lit up, we smiled and we played with our gift for days, months and sometimes years afterwards. 

That is how I want our students to feel about the education we are delivering to them.  I love visiting our different schools and seeing classrooms where the students eyes light up when they learn something new.  I love to see them smile in satisfaction when they are able to do a new math problem, find a country on a map, complete a science experiment or write a poem.  Like holiday gifts I hope they will take their "educational gifts" and use them for days, months and years afterwards.

If they do, and we know they do then we have succeeded as a school district, and ALL of us played a part.  We may have been the bus driver who brought the students to school, the hall monitor who greeted them as they entered the building, the teacher in the classroom, the custodian checking the temperature in the classrooms, or the secretary in the office-----everyone plays a part in putting smiles on the faces of our students as they learn.

I would also like to recognize all the hard work, dedication and care our entire staff puts into helping others during the holidays. Many of our gift giving efforts have been around for years and they benefit our three communities. The PEA Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Needy Gift Giving Drive, the Holiday Giving Tree, Stuff the Bus are just a few examples of how generous our entire staff is.

In fact, our staff’s desire to give back to our communities is something that happens throughout the whole year. I’ve said it many times and this holiday season it is even more true: I would match our staff with any school district anywhere nationwide. They are dedicated to their profession, to their students and to their communities unlike any other.

As we approach winter recess I want to thank our staff for the work they do daily in helping to educate our students.  Enjoy the winter recess, have some fun, spend time with family and come back to us in the New Year ready to continue our educational journey.