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PCSD Staff Comes Together to Benefit Our Communities

During a time of giving, the Parma Area Family Collaborative and the Parma City Schools Treasurer’s Office had a joint effort to collect gifts for those in need.

For over 15 years, the treasurer’s office has hosted the donation effort known as Needy Gift Giving. Participants are given a tag with the student’s initials, gender, and age, and can purchase a gift based on the specific criteria given. Monetary donations were also accepted.

“The lady who started this, who is no longer with us, loved helping everybody, the needy kids and anybody that needed help and that’s what started this whole program,” Sheri Bartko, a payroll clerk in the treasurer’s office said.

Bartko, who oversees Needy Gift Giving, says the donations predominantly involve central office staff, principals, assistant principals, and board members, but individuals from the PSE Credit Union, justice center, and a local woman’s group have contributed to the Needy Gift Giving effort.

The Needy Gift Giving collection received 220 gifts for the holiday season.

Bartko says although it takes hard work to organize Needy Gift Giving, in the end it’s all worth it.

“It’s the best part of my job that I like. I enjoy helping the kids,” Bartko said.
The Family Collaborative hosted the annual Holiday Giving Tree, which slightly differs from Needy Gift Giving. The Holiday Giving Tree consists of participants obtaining a wish list of a specific child. Staff members from the district and members of community made the initiative successful once again with having nearly 600 kids being sponsored.