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Ridge-Brook Kindergartners Learn Science and Weather With News Channel 5's Janessa Webb

The wrath of winter is upon Northeast Ohio and the kindergartners at Ridge-Brook Elementary had the opportunity to learn about weather from a special guest – meteorologist Janessa Webb from News Channel 5.

“I saw Channel 5 visit other schools before. In kindergarten, a lot of our science standards deal with weather and seasons so we thought that it would be perfect to have one of the meteorologists from News Channel 5 come in and talk about weather,” Jacqueline Conway, an intervention specialist at Ridge-Brook said.

Webb covered an array of subjects including meteorology terms, types of weather, and what her job entails. She also had the students involved with the assembling of a makeshift forecast.

“They got excited. The one student, who is really interested in the weather too,  she was really excited about that. It was fun seeing their faces because it was something different and new,” Conway said.

Conway added that students enjoyed the forecasting activity so much the teachers utilized the idea and select a student each day to predict the forecast.

Conway noted that Ridge-Brook is always looking to bring in figures of different professions from the community to educate the students. Earlier in the year a fireman spoke to the class.

"We like bringing in community members,” Conway said. “It’s good for the students because some of them talked about how they want to become firemen or be on T.V., so it’s nice to bring outside resources in for an interactive experience.”