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Learning Idioms at Greenbriar Middle School is a Piece of Cake

At Greenbriar Middle School, the students in Mrs. Larrow’s seventh grade language arts class were in for a surprise when Brooke Kichurchak, owner of The Bee’s Knees Custom Cakes in Medina, presented an “Idiom Cake.”

The occasion stemmed from an idea when one of Larrow’s students, Maddy Beach, found out that her cousin Brooke won $10,000 on an episode of the Food Network’s hit show “Cake Wars”.

“I don’t watch the show but I was aware of what it was about so I had a few questions for Maddy,” Larrow said. “When I asked the name of her cousin’s business that’s when she got a funny look on her face and stated ‘It’s a really weird name, I just don’t understand it, it doesn’t make sense.’”

Larrow explained the meaning of the bee’s knees, and from the conversation, she had an idea for the “Idiom Cake.”

Larrow reached out to Brooke about purchasing of the cake and laid the foundation of an idea she had in mind.

“Once I proposed the idea Brooke got excited, she got more excited than I did,” Larrow said.

Brooke had free reign on how to design the cake, and on November 17, she personally delivered the masterpiece to the delight of Larrow and her students.

“She was super generous. She donated the cake and she donated her time,” Larrow said. “She wanted to come in and deliver it. She is just a really delightful young lady.”

The idiom designs that were portrayed on the cake included a bookworm, couch potato, snug as a bug in a rug and the bee’s knees.

Larrow stated students were engaged and excited to listen as Brooke talked about her job as a baker and her foray into the world of television. 
In addition to the “Idiom Cake” and Brooke’s discussion, Larrow’s language arts classes engaged in idiom activities.

Students received sets of cards: half of the class received blue cards and half of the class received yellow cards. One card had an idiom and the other had the real definition and the students had to walk around the room to find their match.