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David Cangelosi, NHS '81, Returns Once Again to Teach Master Class

On November 30, Normandy graduate and internationally known opera singer David Cangelosi visited the Parma City School District to teach a master class to students from the district’s three high schools along with Padua High School. It is the sixth year that Cangelosi, who graduated in 1981, has returned to the district to share his professional knowledge of the arts to students.
“I think it’s a moral imperative when somebody starts somewhere and gets some good advice along the way, he or she should return to where they came from and try to inspire the same way that they may have been inspired from their youth,” Cangelosi said. “I was educated in the Parma City School District and I think it’s just as important to return. I was inspired by some very, very fine teachers and very fine educators and I thought it’s time to start giving back.”

Cangelosi has been performing professionally for over 30 years and has traveled the world to perform at numerous opera houses including the Metropolitan in New York City and the Paris Opera. He has also performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Cleveland Orchestra.

Cangelosi noted that being involved with the arts programs during his time at Normandy influenced him to further pursue a career in the same area.

“It’s important for students to be able to see, touch, and feel the possibilities that are out there for them as well and that’s all I am. I’m just the embodiment of what could be a possibility for the rest of them,” Cangelosi said.

As the master class concluded, the final lesson Cangelosi gave wasn’t another tip on how to become a better performer – it pertained to the development and exportation of talents. With his advice, Cangelosi hopes to inspire students, just like how he was inspired during his time in the Parma City School District.

“There’s some sort of creativity, there is some kind of talent whether it’s for home economics or for forensic accounting or music, everybody has something and they have an opportunity to develop it anyway that they want, now, especially now, there’s never been a better time,” Cangelosi said. “That’s why I said despite all of the noise that you hear, that the sky is falling, this and that, it’s time for them to stop listening to everybody else and at this age start taking control of what they want to do, how they want to develop it and where they want to go.”