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Dr. Smialek's Message regarding ODE School District Report Cards

Good Evening,

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) released today the 2022 School Report Card for all public schools and districts in our state. You can access these at It is difficult to compare this year's results to past years as ODE recently made significant changes to the structure of the report card. Most importantly, a five-star rating system has replaced letter grades and, for this first year of the new structure, we do not receive an overall rating. 

We can find both strengths and weaknesses within our district report. We are most proud of attaining three stars in "Achievement," as this component measures whether student performance on state tests met established thresholds and how well students performed on tests overall. Three stars indicates that our district "meets state standards in academic achievement", a significant endorsement as we assess the overall performance of our schools. We are also proud of earning four stars in the Progress and Gap Closing measures, as both of these marks indicate that our students' academic achievement is improving over time. Our weaknesses emerge in Graduation and Early Literacy, both components in which we earned only two stars.

If you choose to review our report card, you will note extensive information and data that can become overwhelming. We encourage you to review the slide show that we are attaching to this email to better understand the many variables that the state considers in issuing this report. Principals can also answer any questions you have specific to your child's school report card. 

As we reflect on this year's results, we will certainly celebrate our strengths while also planning to quickly address our weaknesses. In addition to the presentation that contains a summary of the report card, you can also find attached to this email our District Improvement Plan, which is the blueprint we will follow to achieve gains. Our District Leadership Team meets frequently to plan implementation of our action steps and monitor progress toward achieving goals. Further, our schools use this as the foundation for their own improvement plan, specific to their staff and students. 

Finally, as you consider our school report card, we ask that you keep in mind this message from ODE: 

"Report cards are only one part of the story. To get a fuller picture, we encourage you to visit schools, talk to educators, parents, and students, and review the school's or district's webpage. A lot of great things are happening every day in Ohio's schools."

Data is certainly an important checkpoint to help us reflect and grow. But, our picture will always be most dependent upon the myriad positive interactions and learning experiences  in which our students and staff engage every day. 

Thank you for your support of our district!


Click here to view the PCSD Report Card Presentation

Click here to view the District Improvement Plan