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Clarification on opposition mailer

The purpose of this statement is to correct our comments from Friday and clarify how, exactly, we erred.

We learned of the "Vote No" mailer in the middle of the day Friday and immediately began to research its origins. The mailer does not include the address of the responsible party, as is common practice for such political advertising. However, the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections makes available electronically campaign finance reports. We searched this database and found the last report filed by "Citizens for Better Education" to be from July, listing a Maple Heights address as that for the treasurer of the political action committee. We posted this form to our social media to verify our explanation. 

Over the weekend, a resident of our district explained that he, indeed, filed with the Board of Elections for a Political Action Committee of the same name. This form still is not currently available on the BOE's website.  However, in our effort to be as accurate as possible, we called the Board of Elections and they released to us a form filed in March by a Seven Hills resident, registering the same exact name as that from Maple Heights, "Citizens for Better Education". They explained that allowing two different groups to claim the same name is "extremely rare." 

We regret that we published inaccurate information and want to issue a specific apology to our neighbors in Maple Heights who had the bad luck of sharing the name of their PAC with a group from our district. However, we continue to disagree with the theme emphasized by the Seven Hills version of "Citizens for Better Education." This admission of an error underscores our effort to be as transparent as possible. There are no questions that we will not answer, as completely and honestly as possible.