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Update from Superintendent Smialek

Good evening families,

This morning I explained to our staff members that we are currently targeting the beginning of the second quarter (November 16) as our return to a five-day week of in-person instruction for all students. We would also begin a five-day week for Parma Virtual Learning Academy (PVLA) students on this date. We will continue to monitor two factors in making our final decision to return to a five-day week:

  • The conditions and data within Cuyahoga County
  • The conditions and data within our school district and our own experiences with minimizing risk to our staff and students

Ultimately, we want very much to return to a five-day week as we believe this is the most effective schedule to maximize learning. But, as we have continually learned throughout this COVID pandemic, we must be confident in our abilities to be healthy and safe. 

We will continue to provide updates as we approach the potential return to a five-day week. Please continue to practice healthy habits (masks, hand sanitizer, social distance) to help maximize the chance that we can return on November 16!


Thank you for your support!