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Athletics Update - August 24, 2020

August 24, 2020

After much communication with our community and collaboration with our Great Lakes Conference (GLC) peers, we have decided to allow contact sports to advance to their competition phase, effective this evening.
Our athletes have worked hard this summer to condition, train, and practice. They have also adhered to social distancing guidelines that we have enacted to keep them safe. We are confident they can continue to meet our high expectations with regard to health and safety.
Our athletic directors have worked with their GLC peers to forge a common admissions policy for the entire league. They will soon communicate these details to you. Our athletic directors will also soon share revised schedules.
We appreciate very much the patience of our entire school community. The COVID-19 era has posed many challenges as we work tirelessly to make informed decisions that balance safety and opportunity. We wish all of our athletes the safest, most successful seasons of their Parma experience!