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Update on School Year 2020-2021 Opening

August 24, 2020

Our Board of Education met in a work session this morning to determine our best possible "next steps" given Cuyahoga County's transition to a Level Two ("Orange") rating. Our revised plan allows us to proactively address how we will operate if Cuyahoga County's COVID statistics continue to trend in a positive direction. Simply, we want students back in school as soon as possible but also need to continue to adhere to statistical trends to ensure the safety and health of our students and staff. 

The beginning of our school year will be remote for all students through September 25. If our weekly rating from the state of Ohio is "Orange" on September 10, 17, and 24, we will begin the week of September 28 to phase students back into school in a 1/2/2 hybrid model (please see chart).

County Level & PCSD Status
From that point, we will base our level of instruction on the County's status as announced each Thursday on
  • Red: Remote Teaching and Learning
  • Orange: 1/2/2 Hybrid Teaching and Learning
  • Yellow: Full In-Person Teaching and Learning
We understand that some families may want more stability than this model represents. Please register for Parma Virtual Learning Academy if fully remote instruction is more appropriate for your needs. (If you already registered this summer, you do not need to register again; you have already reserved your space.)
Thank you for your patience with us throughout this process. We have recognized that there is no perfect plan for this COVID era, but hope that we can all take clear steps to resuming traditional in-person teaching and learning as soon as possible.