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Parma Schools Seeks Community Input on Redmen Name and Logo

July 6, 2020

During the June 11 Board Meeting, Board President John Schweitzer asked Dr. Smialek to explore potentially changing the Redmen mascot and logo for Parma Senior High School. After speaking with members of both our Senior Leadership Team and the Parma Senior High administration, Dr. Smialek does not believe it is feasible to propose a change for the 2020-21 school year.  It is too close to the start of the school year to convene a meaningful process through which we would be able to forge enough of a community consensus on such an emotional issue. 

Every one of the PSH athletics teams has at least one uniform that includes either "Redmen" or the logo or both. Most teams have multiple uniforms that display the name and/or logo. We are not in a position to replace these for this coming year, even if we adopted an alternative immediately. 

Given these factors, and considering, especially, the need for community input, we will follow this process:

Community Meetings: July 13 and 23, August 12 (6:30 P)

*If you are interested in attending a Community Meeting please use the following link to sign up: Once you complete the sign up form, we will email you a link to the Zoom meeting prior to the meeting date. 

Community Survey: Posted July 13 through August 12

Student Panels: To be scheduled in consultation with PSH Administration during the week of September 8-11

We look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations about the future of the Parma Senior High School Redmen. 


History of the Redmen Logo and Name

In 1936, the students and alumni of Parma Senior High School decided to change their name from the Greyhounds to the Parma Redmen. The students and alumni wanted an image that exemplified nobility, loyalty and courage. The American Indian represented these characteristics.

Those questions of honesty; their word was their bond; their loyalty was to their family and tribe. They showed their courage despite the overwhelming challenges they faced. They never gave up. Not only did they respect their elders for the knowledge and wisdom that they received from them; but also they respected the earth for what it gave them to survive. 

The Redmen was named for honor, not to desecrate.