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Updated Chromebook Information for Students in Grades 8-12


April 11, 2019


Attention Students and Parents:


The Parma City School District is pleased to inform you that students in grades 8-11 will no longer turn in their Chromebooks at the end of the school year. Students will now keep their Chromebooks throughout their time in high school, including summers, until they are required to turn them in at the conclusion of their senior year. Our hope is that this will be more convenient for students by allowing them to use their devices up to the last day of classes, as well as use them throughout the summer. In addition, this will prevent students from getting a different device at the beginning of each school year, which causes students to have to start over with any personalization that they may have done to their Chromebooks.


Important Dates and Information:


1. Seniors will turn in their devices this year on May 20th, 21st or 22nd during the school day. They can turn it in anytime during any of these days at their convenience.


2. Students who withdraw from the Parma City Schools over the summer can turn in their Chromebook at their high school Records Room. Please contact your school’s main office to find out the hours the Records Room is open.


3. Students are expected to maintain the same level of responsibility for this equipment over the summer. Students are responsible for any damage/loss that may occur to the device whether it occurs during the school year or during the summer.


4. If a student has any trouble with their Chromebook over the summer, he/she can contact a technician for help. To contact a technician, a student can send an email to A student can also call 440-843-3865 and leave a voicemail.


5. Students in grades 8-11 who wish to turn their computer in and not keep it for the summer, need to return it to the technician at their high school at the end of the year. Check with your school office regarding times and location for Chromebook returns. Most likely, the student will not get the same computer that they had the previous school year.


Chromebook Summer Take Home Information for Grades 8-12