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COVID Protocols 2021-2022

August 11, 2021

Please take a few minutes to review the attachment, which outlines our COVID protocols for the coming school year. We have learned that very few, if any, protocols should be considered "final" in this pandemic era. At this point, we fully intend to stay consistent with the procedures we are providing today. We crafted these using the guidance of the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH), again relying upon their expertise in this field to help shape our approach.

Consistent with the language ODH and CCBH used, we, too, strongly recommend that all individuals in our schools wear masks. Wearing a mask reduces the potential for both illness and quarantine. However, to this point, no public health agency nor governing authority has mandated masks and neither, then, will we. The exception to this consideration comes on all buses. Here, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hold jurisdiction and we must follow their mask mandate. Our drivers are prepared with disposable masks for students who enter their bus without one.

Ultimately, our collective behavior during the opening weeks of school will significantly shape the year we will enjoy, or, conversely, suffer through together. Our students, families, and staff members have been incredibly resilient since we first began to navigate this COVID era; we look forward to again partnering with you to create positive learning environments and experiences!

Thank you for your continued commitment to your children and our district!

COVID Protocols 2021-2022