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PCSD Nutrition Services offers Emergency Grab & Go meals for students and families

PCSD Nutrition Services employee delivers food March 23, 2020


During this unprecedented and difficult time‭, ‬Parma City School District is committed to helping our students‭, ‬staff and families be safe‭, ‬healthy and secure‭. ‬In this endeavor‭, ‬PCSD‭, ‬along with other community organizations‭, ‬are doing our part to make sure‭ ‬our families have access to fresh meals and food‭. ‬

PCSD has been holding‭, ‬and will continue to hold‭, ‬Emergency Grab‭ ‬&‭ ‬Go lunches and breakfasts for families to pick up during the‭ ‬extended break‭. ‬

For the safety of families and staff‭, ‬drive through drop-offs will be held in the back bus loop at Parma Senior High School‭. ‬Please enter the parking lot at the corner of Longwood Avenue and W‭. ‬48th Street‭. ‬

Parents and guardians will receive seven lunches and seven breakfasts for each child 18‭ ‬and under‭. ‬Students must be present in the vehicle to receive meal packages‭. ‬

Fresh produce‭, ‬milk and other nutritious items are included in each meal package‭. ‬PCSD Nutrition Services Department is still committed to supporting local businesses and purchasing fresh food for students‭. ‬Each week‭, ‬the district will try to include locally-sourced items for families to enjoy‭. ‬

Those who would like to participate in this program must sign up each week‭. ‬The sign-up link will be posted to the district’s social media accounts and website‭. ‬

The next pick-up date will be on Wednesday‭, ‬March 25‭, ‬2020‭. ‬Visit the website at‭ ‬‭ ‬for more information and to sign up for any future meal pick-up dates‭. ‬The PCSD will announce when meal sign-ups are available‭ ‬on our website and social media‭.‬

The Parma Area Collaborative continues to have food distributions for families and community members in need‭, ‬as well‭. ‬

‭ ‬In partnership with the Hunger Network of Cleveland‭, ‬the Parma Area Collaborative will have food and fresh produce available for anyone in the community‭. ‬Deliveries vary and quantities are limited‭. ‬Distribution is on a first come‭, ‬first served basis‭. ‬

The Collab will post on their Facebook Page when and what food is available‭. ‬Please visit them at‭ ‬https‭://‬‭/‬.


PHOTO CAPTION: PCSD Nutrition Services offered children and families the ability to get food during school closure due to the COVID-19‭ ‬pandemic‭. ‬The department continues to feed families during the weeks ahead‭.‬