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PCSD supports local produce, products for emergency meals

PCSD Nutrition Services vendor Dough Go's and Cookies March 23, 2020


PCSD Nutrition Services is still committed to purchasing local foods during these trying times‭.  ‬In next week’s school distribution‭, ‬students will receive breakfast bars and cookies from Dough Go’s‭ (‬Akron‭), ‬Perla Pierogies‭ (‬Parma‭), ‬kale and spinach from the garden at Pleasant Valley Garden‭, ‬hydroponic lettuce from Green City Growers‭ (‬Cleveland‭) ‬and apples from the Oberlin Food Hub‭.‬

Pictured right is Megan McDonald‭, ‬center‭, ‬and her family‭, ‬who own and operate Dough Go’s in Akron‭. ‬Their locally-sourced dough is being used in many PCSD products‭, ‬including cookies which are being made for families‭ ‬to enjoy during the school closure‭. ‬