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PCSD Teaching Professions Program earns high marks at state competition

PCSD Teaching Professions March 9, 2020


PCSD Teaching Professions students attended the Educators Rising competition in Columbus in late February‭. ‬Three students‭, ‬Alexis Puelo‭, ‬Alyssa Wiliams and Debbie Vega qualified for the Educators Rising National competition‭. ‬Six other students also finished in the top 10‭ ‬in the state‭. ‬Over 60‭ ‬school districts participate in the competition‭.‬


The Teaching Professions program has been attending this competition since 2015‭, ‬each time with better results for the PCSD‭. ‬The‭ ‬students select their competition in September and then spend four months preparing for it‭. ‬The program is taught by Tami Wozniak-Smith‭.‬