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There's plenty to celebrate at Ridge-Brook Elementary with Brag Tags

Cheryl Trainer's third grade class with Brag Tags October 28, 2019


Ridge-Brook Elementary School students have a lot to brag about this school year.

From having good attendance and excelling in the classroom to making positive choices and displaying core values, students are earning Brag Tags each month that are proudly displayed in their classroom.


“We have a core value each month that we tie to our Students of the Month, so things like dedication, determination, honesty and teamwork,” Ridge-Brook Principal Steve Perry described. “This year I wanted to take it a step further with the core values and add an attendance piece as well as Brag Tags.”

The Brag Tags look very similar to dog tag. When students earn a colorful new tag, it is added to their necklace. It’s up to the teacher to decide when students will wear their Brag Tag necklaces, who earns Brag Tags each month, and when tags are awarded to students. 

“Students collect these in the classroom and throughout the year,” Perry explained. “The neat thing about these is we hope everyone earns at least one, but it may not happen. So students who go above and beyond, may have a chance to earn a Brag Tag that other students don’t, but they all have the same opportunity to earn them.”

Along with core values and meeting attendance and behavior goals, some other examples of tags students can collect and earn include positive bus behavior, respecting cafeteria staff, promoting kindness and anti-bullying, safety patrol member and student leadership team.

“We want kids to be rewarded, but it doesn’t always have to be something like a prize or candy,” he described. “The Brag Tags are tangible. Students keep them for the whole year and then they can take those home. Also, instead of the teacher or myself always reminding students about positive behavior, the Brag Tags and necklace hanging in their classroom can be a reminder to either keep going if they have been earning them or be an incentive to reach a goal and have good behavior.”

Third grade teacher Cheryl Trainer said she was excited about the new initiative and has already seen students in her class working hard to earn tags.

“I am involved in a lot of initiatives around the building that encourage greatness among our students,” she shared. “These Brag Tags offer that extra incentive for a job well done. My students earned the first attendance Brag Tag and were so proud.”

Trainer added that she loves how these tags can be earned individually or as a team. She also appreciates that the tags are being used to honor students who get involved and are committed to their school.

The school will continue to give out academic awards and perfect attendance awards at the end of the year in addition to handing out Brag Tags, Perry said.

“The Brag Tags are really simple to do, and hopefully kids take pride in making good choices,” he added.


PHOTO CAPTION: Cheryl Trainer’s third grade class at Ridge-Brook proudly displays their Brag Tags they earned throughout the school year.  Students are awarded Brag Tags for exceptional work in displaying the school’s core values.